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Job Hunters beware

The more I read the more I become convinced that the job market is being taken over by the new style or new branch of HR departments, no longer are they simply a Human Resources Department, or even an independent company that sell’s HR services, they have transformed themselves into a new evil the Professional Recruiter or Resume reviewer.

These are the people, who not knowing a thing about the position that needs to be filled, or having no interest in knowing anything about the applicants will thumb through endless resumes hoping that something will catch their eye and make them say, wow this is the one.

If they expect to get quality employees using this manner of vetting then they are going to be ‘sh-t out of luck’. The problems with finding a job are the same problems companies have in filling a position with the right person, everyone has been hoodwinked into believing this new method works.

Until we return to the tried and tested method of looking for people with the right skill sets, not a wish list full of them and posting positions with the actual skills needed instead of posting a long wish list full of things we’d like our next employee to have, we will be stuck in the short term position filling for jobs that not more than 15 years ago were long term positions with loyal employees.

It’s true companies don’t care if your struggling to make your car payment, or your house payment, they just want a bigger bottom line the problem is they are blinded by the ‘quick buck’ mentality with no goals of their own, yet they expect employees to produce goals to generate the ‘quick buck’.

For my next resume I intend to try a new style of blunt and to the point, because utilizing everything resume writers tell you is doing nothing, why, because they are the ones reviewing resumes.

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Not In Plain Sight ….

I couldn’t help but scour the internet for at least a glimpse of someone somewhere telling me that a time machine would be in use to enable the USA to duplicate the game of 1950. Well it turns out it was “In Plain Sight”, no not the TV show on the USA Network, although I must say I do enjoy that, mostly because of Mary’s attitude, but I refer to the need for American media to drum up as much hype as possible to allow advertisers to get there monies worth. It wasn’t the 1950 game ABC chose to highlight, but further back to 1876…

….. having done my research, by scouring the internet, it was “In Plain Sight” that the majority of people commenting on the stories that came after the game on USA websites are nothing more than American fans of other sports, since they chose to condemn the World Cup and the sport, laying claim that the NFL was the true football. (that would take more than a moment to explain how wrong that is).

Although most, if not all the stories on these American websites are very one sided. Some even lay claim to being written by English reporters who are ashamed to be English. The stories on the English websites were not quite as glamorous, although they still didn’t see eye to eye with the American media’s views.

First of all let me correct somethings that were again “In Plain Sight” leading up to the match, the media on both sides of the Ocean were being, the same as they are everyday when a national sporting event is due to take place, very patriotic to the country for which they survive on as a business and in full support of the team that was due to represent that country.

It comes down to this, the game was a 1-1 draw, of which a lot of Americans hate, because they do not understand sports that can end without a winner, don’t shoot the messenger, I am just relaying what I have read in the comments of many stories on this game.

The American media seem to see the outcome of this game as a victory, they still attempt to portray events that put England in a bad light, I could go through the game play by play and blow by blow and pull out the numerous shirt pulls, the pushes the holding that the American players did to prevent English players from playing the game, even the blatant ‘handball’ committed that could have lead to a second England goal, and had the roles been reversed, we would be seeing replays of it over and over again.

It seems that even though this game was “In Plain Sight” around the world, to the media reporting the events after the game, apparently it was  “Not In Plain Sight” since they all seemed to see the same events very differently.

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FIFA World Cup is a go….

The FIFA World Cup starts today, the game that seems to be highlighted by the American media is tomorrow, USA vs. England. The media in America seems to be finding ways to convince itself that it can easily win the game against England, now okay, it may not be very popular in America, but outside of the USA everyone knows that America and it’s population believes it is the greatest in the world at everything, lets face it they even recreated the world atlas so that America was in the center, where as the rest of the world use the zero hour timeline as the center.

Anyway I digress, a recent post by ‘Yahoo Sports Dirty Tackle’ is telling us that the referee’s for the World Cup have learned all the English obscenities in an effort to send off England players, hence giving the USA team the advantage. Okay all those non-knowing football people, (that’s soccer to those uninformed people, yes football is played with your feet), when a referee sends you off (ejects you) you are not replaced by another player.
I think Yahoo Sports is trying to convince itself that just maybe this year football (soccer) in America may start to pay dividends, because they also want us to believe that WAG’s are going to somehow cause the England squad to play badly. This time Martin Rodgers for Yahoo Sports is trying to convince us, just one problem Mr. Rodgers, Victoria Beckham is not really a WAG and your slide show depicting 15 woman who apparently are going to party so hard it’s going to knock their men off their game, well check it out Mr. Rodgers, because out of the 15, there are actually only 4 of women associated with actual England players, 3 of them the players aren’t even at the World Cup, there is a U.S.A. players girlfriend, and the rest are from other European teams, hint just cause the player plays for an English Premier club doesn’t mean they are playing for the England team.
Saturday we will find out if the distractions that Yahoo Sports claims will have an effect on the England team. I did notice that Yahoo Sports doesn’t reference other claims that the U.S.A. team may target Rooney (England striker) in an effort to either injure him or get him banned, since he is known to have a temper which is quick to come to the surface.
Other effects could be the fact that in England there are some people intent on making it hard to show support for the team and display the St. Georges flag,  due to claims of it being offensive and possibly incite anger and violence from people who aren’t English, personally those people can ‘go forth and multiply’ , a national newspaper, The Sun,  is giving away the St Georges flag free with every copy of it’s newspaper tomorrow, only in England though.
Those that are into the FIFA World Cup enjoy and show support for your team at every opportunity…..
In case you haven’t figured it out…GO ENGLAND!!!

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A NEW way to get a job ….

With the current methodology of job hunting or employee hunting still in the dark ages, okay maybe not the dark ages, but still it leaves a lot to be desired and how many good workers are missed or jobs still not filled because the HR department or lack of it, doesn’t know what the company wants or needs.

I cannot be the first person to consider this, and if a company shoots up with this type of concept, then so be it, I know I do not have the financial backing or my own finances to to try it. I will try and explain it as simply as I can, if anyone has questions or wants me to expand further on the concept feel free to contact me.

The concept:

Job hunting by AUCTION

Companies post the available position, with as much information as possible and they include the maximum amount they are prepared to pay for the position.

Job seekers can then bid on the job, not to buy the job, but how much they are prepared to accept to do this job.

This would mean that the amount the company is prepared to pay would be bid down by each bidder, yes there has to be some other elements involved, like proof you can do the job, maybe in stead of short listing for interviews the company can approve you to bid on the job, then each possible candidate has a 5 day bidding war on who will do the job the cheapest.

It’s just a concept, but what would it do, it would take out of the hands of HR or employers the need to decide between 10 to 100 people who could actually do this job and let those people bid to get the job, just like companies do to get contracts.

Yes in this case the lowest bidder would get the job.

Employee hunting by AUCTION

This is basically individuals auctioning themselves of to the highest bidder, your post your resume or CV in the auction house and companies that need someone with your skills bids on you, it’s basically an open house all the time of everyone who wants to work.

How does this concept make money?

In the same fashion that eBay makes money, membership is free, but you pay to have an auction. Obviously companies would pay more than individuals, individuals could have there resumes online all the time. Yes I see there are more than a few things that would be to be ironed out, but the concept is there and as with anything it would need to be converted into a working environment, even the government could run something like this.

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How is the government reducing employment ?

The government can tell us till they are blue in the face that the economy is turning around and jobs are in abundance. If like me you have had a company close on you and have searched and searched for a new position with no luck, you’ve obviously said to yourself “Whats wrong with me?”, well nothing actually, I could be wrong you could be a total idiot, but the chances are there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s the job market and the way it works, or doesn’t work in this case.

I’ll give you an example:

Case 1:

Person One (52) 30+ years experience applies for a job, they know they can do in their sleep, knowing it will pay less than they are used too, but is willing to except this to get a job. This person has been loyal to the companies where they has worked, unfortunately having worked hard and long hours their whole life for the good of the company, this worker never expanded and got a degree, was always on airplanes or in foreign airports or hotels, expanding the profits of those companies and what they do they have done before degrees were available in fact before the technology was in everyday use.

Person Two (24) has 3 years experience and 2 college degrees applies for the same job as person one, they have never done this type of thing before, but one of the degrees is linked to this type of work, because the job market says it should be, this person has spent most of their adult life in school, no real experience outside of the city where they were educated.

The Result:

The company offering the position is a government entity, Person One has done things for this entity for free as a favor to a few of it’s employees, plus it helps person one keep their hands on experience going, Person Two’s family is known by this entity and is known to be in need of employment.

One of the people in this entity responsible for making this decision would be the new hires boss, this person realizes they have a lot less knowledge than person one and so eliminates this person as a candidate to preserve their own job, giving the opening to person two. Knowing that person one would have been the only person within the entity with hands-on knowledge of specific equipment that is important to the entity, someone asked them what if that goes wrong, wouldn’t person one have made more sense for this position. The response was, but person one has been fixing it for free as a favor, they can still do that for us. The person asking the question was confused by the answer and asked, do you know if they will do this for us. The response this time was, no but I am sure we can get someone to convince them to do it as a favor like before.

The Unanswered Question

Person one although was fixing things for free, was also doing it because they knew a position was going to open up due to retirement, but this government entity chose to hire someone they thought would be cheaper, plus they retained the retiree on reduced hours to assist and hoped that person one would work for free.

So is this how the government reduces unemployment?

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Finding the right employer or just a job…

Right job or just a job

The right job is important, but in today’s economy just having a job probably the most important thing. There are some strange facts that seem to be real in every company with every job, yet companies either ignore it or tolerate it, where as employees either ignore it or turn it into a growing population.

If a company could make money from it then they would never have to worry about P&L statements again. The truth within a company is this, they have employees, they pay those employees to do a job of work, in most cases, it should be in all cases, company’s buy the loyalty of that employee. Lets face it, without the company you would be jobless and could even be destitute, so thanks to the company you have a lifestyle you should be able to afford. Where am I going with this, well ask yourself this, how many people do you know that complain about the company they work for, how many people do you know show loyalty to other employees instead of the company, yes we all know if it came down to you or them then you would be selfish, but truth be known, if your job didn’t depend on it, you would be more loyal to a work colleague, who you mistake as a friend, than you would the company that pays for your services.

This is so very wrong, but its nature of the human, they see the company as this huge thing that is sucking the life out of them for a pittance of a paycheck. What does this have to do with finding the right job, well if you looking for a job to avoid all that, you’ll never find one.

by -someone looking for a job, right or wrong doesn’t matter.

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